Arts + Public Life

Gallery installation featuring a three-panel photograph of students.

As a neighborhood platform for arts and culture in Washington Park, Arts + Public Life provides residencies for Black and Brown artists and creative entrepreneurs, arts education for youth, and artist-led programming and exhibitions.

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Dawoud Bey: Portraits from Chicago (1993–2001)
May 21–August 28, 2021

Arts + Public Life opens Toward Common Cause with an exhibition of works by Chicago-based Dawoud Bey, who has photographed South Side youth across decades of artistic practice. In the 1990s, he invited them into his studio, seated them against single-hued studio walls, and fragmented their faces across multiple 20 x 24-inch Polaroids. In the early 2000s, he took street photographs of South Side youth as he came across them on sidewalks and steps. As a whole, these portraits make visible a group who are not fully recognized by society, activating the sitters’ inner worlds for viewers to contemplate.

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Other initiatives

CHOP IT UP: Black Wall Street Journey
June 9, July 8, and August 12

Arts + Public Life is also hosting a three part conversation about the Black economy in conjunction with Rick Lowe’s Toward Common Cause project, Black Wall Street Journey.